Our Story

Hi, I’m Anasthasia Tan, Founder and Artist of My Agape. 
I am so bless to have you here.

Agapé means Unconditionally Loved.

My Agape started in the midst of world’s pandemic - Covid19. During the darkest moment of uncertainties and lock downs. There were so much fears and anxiety throughout the whole world. I felt the need for so much healing and to help others know their identity as a Child of God. More so than ny other time. There is so much fear, so much brokenness going on.
Throughout this period, I kept having a stir in my heart to paint for the Lord. I left my artist dream to raise my kids for more than 20 years! I have 5 beautiful children, praise God! Always love to get back to painting one day… but never got started. I don’t even know if I could ever get started. 
But after months of stirring and praying. I said Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! I surrendered. Offered my hands to the Lord. Started my 1st piece and I haven’t stopped since then. If it’s not from the Lord, I would not have been able to do this. Every piece of work starts with worship and prayer. And then I will get my vision and message to paint for the day. Basically, I just surrender fully to Jesus and allow myself to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-Led. 
And this is how My Agape is launched. Everything here is prayfully painted and designed by myself. There’s always going be a message for someone.

At My Agape, our mission is to deliver the unconditional love of Christ through form of Art, to warm faithful hearts and to set cold ones on fire.

And may they be a blessing to you as much as it has been for me. 
If there are any works that speaks to your heart, I hope you will bless yourself and your loved ones with them. The world needs so much more of Christ and I need your help to reach out. Together, let’s bring Jesus to everyone. Worldwide Shipping available.
If you can’t find anything but do have a vision in mind, I am happy to work on commission works too. 
Drop me an email at hello@myagape.store to connect. And do follow me on Instagram and Facebook @myagape.art for my progress and journey.
Please pray for me as I will be praying for you.
God Bless.